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Our names are Johann (Like Yo-Hawn) & Sandra.  We originally made this site to share photos and information with our family and friends, who are spread out all over the world.  Then we added directories that we used when we planned our trips, and added trip reports to our photos for our families to read.  Before we knew what was happening, it took off, and soon we were hosting over 2,000 unique visitors a day to our site.  We were corresponding with travelers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world, who shared our experiences with us.  You can see our Guest Book to see some of the comments we've received.

We got so much e-mail correspondence that we decided to implement our Message Boards, and began adding content that was requested of us by many people. 

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You will find information about our travels, our roots in Sweden, our home in Vancouver, Washington, the environs of the Pacific Northwest, and our interests such as snowboarding, scuba diving, team handball, mountaineering, backpacking & hiking, and soccer, and lots of photos.

Again, welcome to our site, and we hope you'll enjoy browsing through pages of information about the topics that are so close to our hearts!

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Yes, it's been a while (a long time) since we've updated this site, and we humbly apologize for this temporary bottleneck. First we switched jobs, and spent a little time on pursuing our careers with licensures and professional trainings.  Then we started several new websites, please see links on the left. We've spent a great deal of time on these, taking most of our time.  However, we're gearing up to start updating this site very soon. There is much to write about...

We haven't just fallen off the earth, we've been busy traveling quite a bit these past couple of years. We've been to the following places and will be adding these trips and adventures to our site (in the near future).

Domestic Travel International Travel

Atlanta, Georgia
Bend, Oregon
Big Island, Hawaii
Bryce Canyon Natl Park, Utah
Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
Florida Keys
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Grants Pass, Oregon
Kauai, Hawaii
Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Lanai, Hawaii
Las Vegas, Nevada
Miami, Florida
New York City, NY
Oahu, Hawaii
Oregon Coast
Redwood Forest, California
Reno, Nevada
Sandpoint, Idaho
San Francisco, California
St. George, Utah
Zion National Park, Utah

Auschwitz, Poland
Banff, Alberta
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Calgary, Alberta
Crete, Greece
Edmonton, Alberta
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Freeport, Bahamas
Grand Cayman, Cayman Is.
Iguassu Falls, Brazil
Krakow, Poland
Mazatlan, Mexico
Nassau, Bahamas
Paris, France
Providenciales, Turks & Caicos
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Riga, Latvia
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Saronic Gulf Islands, Greece
Vancouver, B.C.
Venice, Italy
Victoria, B.C.
Warsaw, Poland

We'll also update several pages, specifically Sport and Leisure, NW Pacific and Sweden. You'll see big changes coming your way in the months ahead, along with a whole new look to Johann & Sandra's Web. More to come, promise you that...Until then, hope you have fun on our website. You can always e-mail us if you have any comments, or just want to say hi!


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